Extensions Expo

Considering being a Volunteer?

Extensions Expo Volunteer Information

Please be at the hotel at 7:00am

Doors open at 9am

Registration Booth Personnel

Responsible for greeting attendees

Responsible for ensuring that all attendees receive, complete and return registration questionnaires.

Asking the registrants whether they have a WILL CALL, PURCHASE, HAVE TICKETS, are a VENDOR and directing them to the proper line.

9am-12pm DOOR    THEN 12-2 PASS OUT LITERATURE/ Snacks/

***get the people excited about attending the Evening Event- It’s a Showcase and a Party too!

Expo Entrance Personnel

Responsible for greeting attendees

Distributing the proper bands according to pass.

Security Personnel

Monitor front door to ensure everyone has an armband or badge



Pass out snacks to attendees during the show

Class Monitor –Assist Educators to ensure all needs are met

       Hang proper sign on classroom door

        Hang clean up sign inside class room

      Ensure that room is set up and ready to go

      Receive and welcome students to class

        Assist educator with set up if necessary

        Responsible for making Educators aware of time (1hr, 30 min, 15 min)

        Announce Evaluation process/ return evaluation sheets to receive raffle ticket

        At end of class, Distribute evaluation sheets

        Receive evaluation sheet, give raffle ticket

      Remind Educator they are responsible for cleanup and assist if you can,

       Ensure that room is clean and ready for next class

        Take evaluations, place them in large envelope and label

       Give evaluation envelope to designated person