Time                  Educator                           Class Title

10:00 -10:30      

                          Kristy Beke                         Intro to Tree Braids

                          Keena Majors                     Quick Weave

                          Tomeka James                    Frontal Action-Customizing Frontals

10:30-11:30       Patric Bradley                     Cutting 
                          Keya Neal                           Color
                          Freddie J                            Cutting/Styling
                          Weave X-Perts Intl Team     BIG Hair Weaves

11:30-12:30       Yancy Edwards                   Cutting/Styling/Setwork
                          Nydia Figueroa                   Makeup

                          Janel Sealy-Smith              Styling Natural Updos/Waves 
                          Weave X-Perts Intl Team    Extended Ponytail

12:30-1:00        The MAN Weave                 Melissa Denee- Miracle Barbie MD               
​1:30-3:00                 STUDENT COMPETITION

3:30-5:00               Hair Distributors   HAIR REVEALED-PANEL OF DISTRIBUTORS

5:00-6:00                        CHAIR HOPPER FUN



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SUNDAY Schedule 

                       SALON E

Time                  Educator                            Class Title
10:00-11:30      Weave X-Perts Intl Team      Detachable Side Units on a Sewing Machine
12:00-1:30        Bronner Bros. Princess Canty - What Lies Beneath 
3:00-4:00          Roslyn Steward                    Creating Custom Brow Units
4:30-5:30          Rosyln Steward                    Repairing Lace Wigs & Closures

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                        PLATFORM A

Time                  Educator                              Class Title

10:00-11:00       Weave X-Perts Intl Team       MaIaysian/Mekani Weave on Short Hair
11:00-12:00       Ekeena Majors                      Color Shadowing Track Placement
1:00-3:00           Competition
3:30-4:30           Weave X-Perts Intl. Team.    FAUX LOCS

                          ROOM 7 

Time                  Educator                    Class Title

11:00-11:30        Niki Smith                   That's Not Your Business
12:00-1:30         TMG                            Building Your Brand with Social Media
3:00-4:00           Dave Ray                    The Trichology of Color
4:30-5:30           Niki Smith                    That's Not Your Business

                                              HALL PLATFORM B 

Time                  Educator                               Class Title

11:00-12:00        Weave X-Perts Intl Team       Top Units for Balding Clients
12:30-1:30          Chloe Dixon                          Get Twisted Cutting
2:00-3:00            Weave X-Perts Intl Team      Sewing Machine Ponytail
3:30-4:30            Weave X-Perts Intl Team       Hair Clips for Freedom

                        THE HOLLAND ROOM

Time                  Educator                 Class Title

10:00-11:30       Gigi Ford                  Mind Your Business 
12:00-1:30         Gigi Ford                  All About Insurance
2:00-3:30           Doris Mosley             6 Main Causes of Hair Loss
4:00-5:30           Donyelle McBride      Medical Hair Replacement/ Stylist learn Trichology

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                            ROOM 2

Time                  Educator                              Class Title

10-11:30           Weave X-Perts Intl Team        Custom Bonded Wig-Special Track Placement
12:00-1:30        Tomeka James                       Safe Frontals 
3:00-4:00          Weave X-Perts Intl Team        DSW Crochet
4:30-5:30          Weave X-Perts Intl Team        Full Lace Wig- Princess Pixie

                         ROOM 8

Time                  Educator                         Class Title

10:00-11:30       Donyelle McBride            Trichology Business Structuring
12:00-1:30         Freddie J                         Millennial Cutting plus Flawless Finishes
3:00-4:00           Yancy Edwards                Cutting Extensions, Wigs/ Weaves
4:30-5:30           Alfred Nartey                   Maximizing Your Business Potential​


2019 Schedule will be available soon.  Please check back later. 

                        PLATFORM B

Time                  Educator                              Class Title

10:00-11:00      Weave X-Perts Intl Team        Transitional Hair Solutions for Locked Clients
11:30-12:30      Weave X-Perts Intl Team        Braid Patterns for Weaves
1:00-3:00                                       COMPETITION
3:30-4:30          Weave X-Perts Intl Team        Protective Quick Weaves

                                              HALL PLATFORM A 

Time                  Educator                              Class Title

11:00-12:00.      Kristy Beke                           Tree Braiding
12:30-1:30        Keya Neal                              Reving Up Your Revenue with Kolour
2:00-3:00          Weave X-Perts Intl Team       Track Placement
3:30-4:30          Weave X-Perts Intl Team       Head Molds for Wigs & DSW Units
/Pinning Your

                                                                       Base for Sewn /Bonded Units w/o the Client Present  

                          ROOM 1

Time                  Educator                                 Class Title

10:00-11:30       Weave X-Perts Intl Team          Flawless Lace Closures
12:00-1:30        Torain                                       Buying Commercial Hair Wholesale
3:00-4:00          Honey George                         
Carve Comb Cutting
4:30-5:30          Keya Neal                                 Korrective Measures


                                                  ROOM 6

Time                  Educator              Class Title

10:00-11:30       Dondi Martin         Hair Distribution- Six Figure Selling
12:00-1:30         Angela Crawford   Manufacturing Wigs on the Sewing Machine
3:00-4:00          Tish Sutton            10 Salon Marketing Strategies to fit Any Budget
4:30-5:30           Dondi Martin         Hair Distribution- Six Figure Selling

                             THE LINCOLN ROOM

Time                  Educator                           Class Title

10-11:30           Janel Sealy-Smith                Hair Styling- "That's My Thing"
12-1:30             Patric Bradley                      Color Correction and Transitional Color
2:00-3:30          Lady Dye                             The Fix
4:00-5:30          Tiana Von Johnson              How to Bulid A MIllion Dollar Brand

             THE COLUMBIA ROOM

Time                  Educator                           Class Title

10:00-11:00        Candra Ward                    The Digital Stylist 
11:30-12:30       Tish Sutton                        Out with the OLD! In with the NEW!
1:00-2:00           Nydia Figueroa                 The Business of Bridal Make-up
2:30-3:30           Janel Sealy-Smith             Dealing with Hairline Problems
4:00-5:00           Patric Bradley                   Cutting

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                        WEAVE X-PERTS INTL TEAM STAGE

Time                  Educator                              Class Title

10:00 -11:00      Weave X-Perts Intl Team       Tape In Extensions

11:30-12:30       Weave X-Perts Intl Team        Full Sewn Weave w/o Hairline

 1:30-3:00                      STUDENT COMPETITION

 3:30-5:00          Weave X-Perts Intl Team       Detachable Sewn Weave


Extensions Expo