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Classes Roslyn will be teaching:

Roslyn Steward, “The Polymair Histor” is a Master & International Educator, a platform artist, a public speaker and is a recipient of the Texas State Cosmetologist of the Year Award 2012. This profound lady has sparked interest in the industry as a hair ventilator, that has raised awareness in hair replacement and enhancement pieces. Roslyn has her own hair ventilating system known as Above the Rim Hair Ventilation. This is a revolutionary enhancement solution for people who are suffering from or experiencing hair thinning, balding or hair loss.

“The Polymair Histor”, is a loving wife and a mother of two children, she continues to work as a professional cosmetologist, believing in high quality service that she provides to her clients. Roslyn continues to research, train, and explore the possibilities of bringing the very best to her clients. This prompted her to travel and research information so that she can share the knowledge and continue to educate. As a result of all her travels and learning endeavors she developed her own line of enhancement systems.

Roslyn’s perseverance and determination held strong and true as she designed and developed her own line as an educator, so that hair stylists can gain benefits of being educated and mentored by “the Polymair Histor”. Her passion is to enhance the appearance of others, whether it be medical reasons or other hair loss reasons. Roslyn proceeds to add to her hair ventilation business by continuing to enhance her skills and techniques, she has also began her own natural hair care line as well as a personal care line by the name of Polymair T’Dab Essentials. Roslyn is a giver, she is compassionate and loves to help, and she is a blessing to all ethnicities who are suffering from thinning, balding and hair loss. Her enhancement systems are designed for men, women and children of all cultures.

Hair replacement is a revolutionary enhancement, as we move forward we will see more and more of Roslyn Steward’s, “The Polymair Histor” hair replacement systems. 

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Creating Hairlines/ Repairing Wigs and Closures

This class will help professionals to learn hair placement and ventilation techniques. Lace Wigs are the most natural looking pieces in the hair industry today and they’re undetectable to the eye. What do you do when your lace wigs and closure pieces start to thin out or start to present alopecia like spots? Look no more!  Have you ever wanted to make your own lace frontal? This class will teach you how to repair your lace wigs and closure pieces using several techniques.
After this class, you never have to send them out to get repaired ever again. You can also use this service for clients that may be suffering from hair loss- create your own hairlines. The information in this class will be very thorough and you would not want to miss out on this educational opportunity from the Polymair Histor herself- Ms. Roslyn Steward.