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Classes Ms. Hair Doctor will be teaching:


The Original Fast Weave Systems " U-Part Weave / Custom Hair Prostheses and Closures  Vision Illusion Hair 90210 is a manufacturer of 27 hair systems and hair prostheses.   

Welcome to the Original Fast Weave Systems & Lace / Silk Closures.  We have created the first self made weave that is "do it yourself".  Our systems are not like any other systems and closures on the market.  Our products are top notch and made with the finest quality All Natural hair.  Our systems and closures are not based with swim caps or stocking caps like most products on the market.  Our bases are custom made and created with breathable materials that allow you access to your scalp as well as give you access to treating your hair underneath to help it grow to a more fuller All Natural state.   

With our unique systems and closures, there is no need for track by track sew-ins or glued in quick weaves.  Also, our systems will last at least one year, and we can recycle your old system to create a new one.   

  The creator of the original "fast weave systems & closures" as well as the "U-Part Weave" is Ms. Angela T. Crawford.  Angela is a resident of
Atlanta, GA and has traveled all over the county teaching and showing  
her specially designed systems.  She has worked with top stylists and customers from California to Florida.  

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Lace Frontal Weave System, New Fast Weave Systems, and Lace Front  

Angela Crawford “Ms Hair Doctor” Closure with Fast Weave System. 
Angela has designed more than 37 systems and closures. She has also worked with celebrity clients, business owners, cancer survivors, and more.  Hair is her passion. Her systems have been sold worldwide.