Barbers Cuttin/ Stylist Weavin & Cuttin LIVE !

"Seven" @ The Weave Party

Extensions Expo

The Weave X-Perts @"The Weave Party"

Just a few of Our Featured Artist


Extensions Expo's Official After Party

Sunday, October 1, 2017   7pm -12 am

Weave artist Details

 You must leave a $100 deposit.

You will receive 10 tickets valued at $20 each.

You have an opportunity to make money $$$$

If you sell the tickets to your friends/ family

- you have an opportunity to make an extra $100.

You also get 1 day Extensions Expo Daytime show ticket

LET'S GO !!!!!!

Show up and Show OFF!!

No rules....No Runways....Do what you like!

You can also have finished models as a part of the SHOWCASE!!!

This is merely a time to show off your work.

Weaves will be done simultaneously around the room! The Party Never stops!!!!

Get more followers. We are encouraging the attendees to follow you and post videos and pics of your work.

No competition- just pure Showing Off!

To Be a Weave artist

Please fill out the form and be prepared to make a payment upon completion of the form