Extensions Expo


Back to the Basics:

Back to Basics will break down the color wheel. Learn your primary, secondary and tertiary colors. Learn the that primary colors are pure hues. Learn how to create any color using your primary colors. You will learn how to create custom colors by using the color wheel. Understand to use the color wheel for color correction. We will be taking it back to the basics using the color wheel to increase cash flow.

The Fix:

Color correction made easy, learn how to correct brassiness, unwanted red , green and other colors. Understand the different levels and undertones of hair. You will have the answer to those challenging questions. Learn the importance of formulation when doing hair color...you will be able to fix it.

Lady Dye has been in beauty industry since 2004, she is a licensed stylist/instructor in state of South Carolina. She is also a CEU provider for the state of South Carolina.

Lady Dye is the owner/ stylist of Upscale Hair Salon in Rock Hill SC.  Lady Dye is passionate about education and hair care. She has taken many education classes to keep up with the latest trends, she takes pride in her business and work. Her ambition and drive has allowed to teach different coloring techniques using her color board. Lady Dye motto is Breaking the Tradition.