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International Award-winning, stylist, educator, Master Colorist, Trichologist,
entrepreneur, motivational speaker and author of 10 publications,
Dr. Dave Ray, “the Beauty Surgeon” has upwards of 37 years in the Beauty Industry.
He is based in NYC and owns a franchise of 9 salons and an Advanced Academy
called “Beauty Werkz LLC”. He is passionate about striving for excellence.
Please welcome Dr. Dave Ray!

Customer Service
The Gospel Truths of Customer Service -Dave Ray
Today's visionary business leaders recognize that customers are now in the driver's seat when it comes to your company's public brand perception. The Internet has become a powerful voice and consumers are not afraid to use it. To survive in today's competitive marketplace, organizations must be willing to adapt and respond to this major shift in business-consumer dynamics. Take the time to listen to some of the things that you normally overlook. Your own behavior and bad habits can get in the way of the growth of your baby (Your business). In this class you will reflect on your day to day operations that help or hurt your business. Great Customer Service is imperative.

You are invited to my classroom "The Gospel Truths of Customer Service." and book launch “The New Testament of Customer Service” This interactive session will take a comprehensive look at some of the emerging trends and exciting developments that will chart the future of customer service on a global level. We will also explore solutions that will help your organization review and revamp some of its legacy customer service practices to improve your service delivery and competitive position.

The Business & Marketing of Color
This class is intended to inspire you to build confidence in Hair Color execution and marketing yourself as a Colorist. It is designed for the aspiring stylist as another revenue stream, based solely on education and determination.

The Trichology of Color -Dave Ray

Although we know that Color is an Art, it is derived from a Science. In this class, we will explore all the possible ways to simplify the science of color etiology together. I will meet you where you are in your knowledge of color and take you to another level with the Art & Science of Color. Trust me, it is not rocket science but rather judgment, formulas, rationing and blending with some trial and error as well. Let's go!

Classes Dave will be teaching: