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As a life & business coach and consultant for women and mom hairstylists and salon
owners, Candra knows what it’s like to run a successful 6 figure salon. She also knows
what it's like to experience burnout and give it all up.
Operating in the beauty industry for over 22 years has afforded Candra many
opportunities to encounter hairstylists who were either ready to quit the industry or who
could not comprehend that they too could generate 6 figures and live a life of purpose
and freedom.
After reinventing herself and going full speed ahead into her love of teaching and
mentoring, Candra has been able to help change the lives and careers of many
hairstylists and salon owners.
Candra currently supports women & mom hairstylists & salon owners who want to
create 6 figures, generate multiple streams of income and avoid burnout by creating
systems that serve and support their vision.


Classes Candra will be teaching:

Extensions Expo

The Digital Stylist

It seems like everything is becoming digital now, so don’t get left behind. The Digital Stylist is designed to teach hairstylists how to add to their bottom line by offering digital products and services to their clients and peers. In this class you will learn how to create evergreen products and services that sell in your sleep such as, e-books, mini-courses & memberships.

Organized to Profits

Learn how to remove the overwhelm, confusion & frustration from behind & beyond your chair by working smart getting organized and getting profitable. In this workshop, Candra teaches 3 important proven principles that will completely turn your career and business around. In addition to that, you will learn the latest marketing techniques & tools that will assist you in working less, making more and create raving fans of your expertise.